How Trading Works​

The market disciplines are divided into three types, which are the upward trend, the downward trend and the consolidation trend. And in these three trends, there must be certain laws, these laws are the essence of let us use trading strategies to arbitrage. When everyone buys at the same price, this is the key buying support. Everyone prefers to sell in one place at the same time, that is selling pressure, and this is why prices rise and fall.

Why should we learn to trade?

Trading in financial market is exactly same likes how you do business. We buy low and sell high. Doing business requires your labor cost but trading requires your skill. The traditional business model requires a minimum capital and payback time usually longer. Other than that, high Competition, consistent innovation has always been the biggest problems for the traditional businessmen.

The most fascinating part in the trading is how to leverage your capital, which can find the low and high points from the market with a high probability and can infinitely magnify the profit ratio multiple times.

REMEMBER, a wise man knows how to make good use of leverage.

In a nutshell, the pricing nature in the financial market reflects the greed and panic from traders. This manifestation can be found from the beginning and ending of the trend. With Mater Edison, we always believe that to enter before the greedy and leave your positions early before the panic.