Advanced Gold Trading Course

This is the trading paradise for novices and also one of the biggest volatile trading markets. from 0 to 100, comprehend our practical experience and trading strategies that is suitable for gold.

Do you think the minimum start for gold investment is high?

You may have heard that many people in the market invest in gold, but you think that the threshold is high and you don’t know much about it.

In fact, you can start your investment with only $500.
You do not need to risk all your savings to generate profit in this market.

Do you want to stop losing money in the gold trading?
To be frank with you, many people in this market will lose money in gold trading.

It is because people have an inertia of selling high and buying low, but gold often does not have the higher but the highest and no lower but the lowest.

If you lose your capital by trading gold, you should think that above trader is remarkably like you.

What should I do?
The good news is that as long as you know how to grasp the real trends, use suitable trading strategies, uphold correct trading thinking and good risk management, you will have a high probability of creating your huge profits.

Are you worried that gold will be controlled by the dealer?
A market with a market value of 9 trillion-gold, with an average of 2500 unilateral market fluctuations per day, is a trading paradise for any type of traders, with a market of 125.3 billion transactions a day. With scattered institutional chips, a market that is more than 45 times larger than the market value of Bitcoin, you don’t need to worry about trends that are easily controlled!

Why Advanced Gold Trading Course?

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Advanced Gold Trading Course

No matter whether the gold market behaves like a bull market or a bear market, due to its unique position in the world economic and political system, it provides high liquidity and excellent profit opportunities in almost all environments.

Although many people choose to fully own the metal, through leveraged trading, you can trade with extremely low risk and infinitely magnify your profits, and it is our responsibility to make you successful in the gold market!

Course Curriculum

  • What Exactly is Gold Investment
  • Different Investment Methods for Gold Investment
  • The Advantages of Investment in CFD Gold
  • What Affects the Price Trend of Gold
  • When is the Best Time to Trade Gold
  • The Cost and Buy & Sell Profit Calculation of Investing in Gold
  • The Power of Leverage
  • The Advantages of Becoming a Successful Trader
  • The Difference Between Gambling and Trading
  • The Secret to Becoming a Successful Trader
  • 5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Continuing Study
  • Find Out the Type of Trader that Suits You
  • 631 Successful Trader Factor
  • The Power of Compound Interest
  • The Necessary Mentality to At the Start
  • Why 95% of Traders Fail
  • 5 Tips from Successful Trader Before Entering Market
  • Retail Trader in Reality (Know the Secret Structure of Trading Platform)
  • Banker Actions
  • Principles of Technical Analysis
  • Read Japanese Candlesticks
  • 4 Key Candlestick Entry & Exit Patterns
  • Mastering Key Sentiment Area – The Support and Resistance & Demand and Supply Secrets
  • Trade with the Trend Channel Advanced Secrets
  • Advanced Market Order Types
  • 5 Type Trend Entry & Exit Patterns
  • Read the Market Structure in 1 Minute Any Timeframes
  • Moving Averages & Principles of Moving Averages & Settings with EMAs
  • Practical Economic Calendar Platform
  • Learn to Read Global Financial Reports in 10 Minutes
  • 8 Factors Affecting the Gold Trend
  • 5 Secret Data that must be Monitored for Gold Trading
  • Use Common Probability Data to Predict the Monthly Gold Trend
  • Know the Principle of Momentum Candlestick
  • 5 Types Entry and Exit Momentum Candlestick Patterns
  • Introduction to Advanced Trend Momentum Trading Strategy
  • Advanced Trend Momentum Trading Strategy Long & Short Pattern
  • Bonus: Sniper Entry Momentum Breakout Strategy
  • Risk Management & Entry and Exit
  • Introduction to Advanced Divergences Trading Strategy
  • Indicators for the Advanced Divergences Trading Strategy
  • Advanced Divergences Trading Strategy Long & Short Pattern
  • Bonus: Confirmation Breakout Strategy
  • Risk Management & Entry and Exit
  • Introduction to Advanced News Scalper Trading Strategy
  • High Impact News for the Advanced News Scalper Trading Strategy
  • Advanced News Scalper Trading Strategy Long & Short Setup
  • Bonus: Easy Order Method
  • Risk Management & Entry and Exit
  • Develop Risk Management
    Bid-Ask Spread Definition
  • Types of Gold Trading Brokers
  • Select the Trustable Broker for Gold Trading
  • Familiar with all Trading Operations of Metatrader Trading Software
  • Successful Trader Trading Psychology
  • Retail Trader Emotions in Trading & Solutions
  • Do the Backtest – First Step to Success

Action is the first step to success. Your decision today will determine you in three years.

Unlimited Video Playback

You can review the course anytime, anytime, anywhere.

10 Completed Trading Lessons

With more than 10 hours and 600 minutes of learning content in 10 lessons, you will fully learn all the trading strategies used by Master Edison Oh in the Gold Market.

Premium Gold Group

You'll be joined to our Premium Telegram Group, The EO coaches in the group will answer our student’s questions and discuss Gold Market trends at the same time.

Full Backtest System

With this System, you can train your own Trading Strategy, Trading Psychology, and Risk Management.

Downloadable Materials

The PowerPoint students used in the class will be available for Download.

Private Live Session

Master Edison will often hold private live broadcasts for Golden students to review courses, discuss the market sentiment, and share new knowledge.

Entitlement Offline Course

In our future offline courses, students who have registered for online courses will receive special benefits.

Course FAQ

This course is completely suitable for you. The reason why is the teacher’s way of explanation is amazingly simple to understand! Master Edison will start with the most basic market knowledge, and then slowly enter the trading strategy part. Each video is taught in the simplest and easiest sharing method. It is okay if you feel that the progress is slow as you always can watch all course video content repeatedly!

First of all, you ask yourself, have you made a stable profit in the gold market? If not, then you must take the class. This class is developed and launched by Edison with great effort. The purpose is to let novices make detours and let veterans get rid of their long-standing problems of losing money, mentality, risk management, and strategy.

We have always advocated learning first before trading. Why? If you start trading without learning, your results is definitely a loss in the result. After you finished all the courses, you can conduct as many as backtests you can to polish your skills before participating in the market with a small amount of money. You can start participating in the market with a small amount of $500. When you reach a stable and profitable state for a few months, you can add additional funds for investment. We are not a platform to teach you a single way to get rich, what we pursue is the stability of profitability to students!

Yes, learning has no end journey! It’s the comprehension. Our trading developed over time with huge of experience, tear and sweat. But it is not just strategy that causes you to make money without any risk, but a combination of mentality, risk management and trading structure design. As long as you adopt your suitable trading strategy with a proper risk management and mentality to trade, you will surely make a stable profit. This is also the purpose of our courses.

Sorry, we currently do not have the option of payment in installments.

Register now for the Advanced Gold Course, which currently only costs $988!

The first step to your success is to take your action. We have launched a special offer, only for the first 100 students who signed up to enjoy the early bird price at US$988. After more than 100 registered students, the discount will end! If there is any extension, there will be further announcement on the board !