EO Invest Academy

EO Investment Academy was established in 2020. As early as 2016, the founder, Mr Edison Oh established the online education academy and taught more than 100 students the knowledge of forex trading. To provide a better quality of our education service, we have decided to reshape the entire brand and make it as perfect as possible!

And of course, from 2016 to the present, we have kept upgrading the content of our education chapters as our financial market always changes and I wish my student can handle the market condition by applying different strategies. This is also one of our tenets “Continuously lead EO students to innovate”.

Let us tell you a secret that the master/Guru will not tell you… If you are from the “those educational institutions” I call below, please start to change and become better! Because only a better us can go longer!

Frankly speaking, one out of ten of the “trading guru” in the market is capable enough to guide you.

Especially in foreign countries, there are a lot of scammers who are not strong foundation, and their trading abilities are not in place. They can only use some simple indicators to myth it, and most of their students are losing money for a long time or try to grab as much money as possible by branding their education.

However, there are still have good mentor that can help you in this industry! You must be wise enough to learn from different channels and spend the most worthwhile time and money.

Everyone has different personalities, and a fixed trading strategy cannot be suitable for everyone. We know that, so we encourage every student to know yourself first! And find out the most suitable trading strategy for you. In our course, you will learn the trading strategy that suits you.

Master Edison often asks his students a very pertinent question. “after learning a certain trading strategy, do you need to apply it and wait time to get the result?”

To simplify this, are you using your precious time and money to verify whether other people’s trading strategies are truly profitable?

Frankly speaking, there are too many and too many are like this. Students will start to loss his mind if because the strategy does not make money. They will start to find other teachers to learn more trading strategies, and then use time and money to verify it. If it fails again, they will do the same again and gain.

Ten years later, youth and money were wasted. Finally, you got nothing!

Why does Mr. Edison dare to say that? Because he has experienced it! He used to be like this! But soon he knew how he should solve this problem!

For you, we have already created a unique solution through the experience from Master Edison. You do not need to use any capital and long time to verify whether a trading strategy that suits you is profitable or not. You just need to follow our steps in the journey of profitability. In the result, you will have a better view to scan a profitable trading strategy.

One of our students used less than a week to verify the reliability of his trading strategy from the beginning of 2018 to June 2020 (possibly continuous profit/loss, profit-loss ratio), and the final result was that he was in Earned more than 10 times the profit in 2 years. (Without leverage)

He has not only improved his understanding and application of his trading strategies! He also improved his mentality! This is the most important achievement. The point is that he did not spend 1 cent to verify other people’s bragging strategies. He became a wise man!

Many people imitate the content from some of our education institutions. we will not be angry of this action. In fact, we are happy to know, because it proves that “we are ahead than others!”

We also hope that more educational institutions can continue to expand the demand in this market, and hopefully they can cooperate to help more people in one day!

Our Mission

  • Assist at least 1000 people to become professional traders that can generate consistent profit.
  • Provide a perfect investment plan to worldwide investors.


  • To become the most influential, youngest and most inspired financial trading & education institution in Southeast Asia


  • Be humble
  • Innovation always
  • Keep creating
  • keep learning
  • Constantly profitable
  • Keep grateful