Edison Oh

Edison Oh, a youngest financial trading mentor born in 1999, who had only a high-school certification, BUT currently manages more than 1 million US dollars in total asset. The scope of assets under management comes from many investors in Southeast Asia, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Last year, Edison Oh, a 20-year-old tutor, sharing his inspiration of trading master skills at Datong in China.

Some of his students are the key leaders from other capital management corporations with more than 100 million Yuan of capital size and their investors mostly are from the core government institution and expects in blockchain technology. The trainees come from different fields!

The question is, why are they willing to learn and cooperate with Master Edison Oh, a youngster who is only 21 years old?

The reason is simple. Edison Oh have a very modest and studious personality, he is gifted with all the talent. His way to think, expression skill, communication skills of dealing and self-discipline are all the keys to his success!

Mr. Edison Oh is understanding the market sentiment well. When he is interested in something, he will have a million why to master it in his mind. Nevertheless, he often reminds his students that they must have “independent thinking” no matter where they are, what they do. “Your decision now will be your future reflection” – Edison Oh

Edison Oh is not as perfect as everyone thinks. He is just a typical ordinary person.

He is not born from a well-wealth family. And at the time of his 15 years-old, his parents were divorced. And because he does not want to ask for living cost from his hard-working parents. He decides to work three different jobs a day, namely a cashier and a direct-sales, mobile salesman.

At that time, he had no direction like many teenagers today, but he knows that he did not want to live with work forever! He wants to live his own way. Because he desires more!

So when he was in 15 years old, he came across an investment product. This investment product is a funding service in forex market. Their model is simply to use AI-robots to help investors make automatic trading and generate money. This is very new to Edison! He started to invest his own funds in this product! Over the past few months, he has seen returns, and because he has a strong desire to make money, he decides to invest all the money he earned from working to this product!

Unfortunately, all his funds are suddenly burnt within a certain month! The company declares that the massive lost costed from the unexpected financial event.

This a disaster to Edison. Because he invested more 10,000 dollars from his wage. But loss all at the end.

This is because it was a routine at the beginning. To collect money, the founders cooperated with an old fraud platform and used Martin robots that kept increasing positions to help transactions. As a result, the big market ended as expected.

At this time, he maintained positive energy and began to study the field of trading! He wants to know whether manual trading can make money in addition to robot trading in this market!

He started the road of crazy learning, in this road he also met many friends, some investors, that is, one of Edison’s current partners. I gained the trust of friends around me and started to step into the road of trading. I encountered various setbacks. I kept learning, making progress, and didn’t give up to create who I am today!

He is fully aware of the setbacks that traders will encounter in the trading. So he has established his own educational brand and to wish to gather all elites who have the same ideas as him. By implementing this idea, it can let the new traders to avoid the risks! In addition, his goal is to become 1 of the 10 outstanding youth entrepreneurs in Malaysia within 5 years! For the future road map, EO Academy wishes to Integrate market resources and assist students to avoid the trading loss.