Edison Oh

‟Trading is not a stress but your mindset, YES!”
‟In this journey of trading, it is not about the time, personal wealth and freedom that make us, but is your life discipline.”
‟If you respect the signal from the market, then the market will respect your assets.”
‟Don't be like a fool in the financial market. We should focus only on a certain target. BE Hungry, target your prey, and catch it!”
‟Thinking independently and in reverse is an important part of successful trading!”

Professional Investor & Trader & Educator & Entrepreneur
Founder of EO Invest Academy & Edison Oh Youtube Channel

Gold Trading Course

Gold CFDs are amongst the most-commonly traded (9 trillion market cap) and hence one of the most liquid (almost 2500 points) commodities you can trade and be benefited as a mid/long-term traders.

Explore with Master Edison with his unique metrology & trading strategy that uses to stably increase the proportion of capital in the gold market.

Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Almost More than 95% of traders are failed and loss their capital in the cryptocurrency market.

However, Master Edison has always advocated his ‘Reverse Trading Psychology’ and find out the arbitrage momentum from Market Maker in the cryptocurrency market. Becoming the only 5% of WINNER in this market.

Trade with EO (Latest Video)

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Hi there! I’m Edison Oh.


  • Started to be exposed to the financial trading market at the age of 15.
  • At the age of 17, Master Edison was managing a funds with more than 2 million USD value and established an online trading college with more than 100 online students.
  • At the age of 20, established a private capital management company with investors from Southeast Asia in Malaysia and China, with a total management capital of more than 1 million USD.
  • Becomes the youngest entrepreneur & mentor at the age of 21 and was invited to the Chinese community to provide trading training.
  • An independent-mind trader, a trading strategy master, a star corporate mentor
  • Students from EO Academy achieve an impressive 100 times ROI VALUE within 6 months coaching.

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4 Things Must Know Before Start Trading

In the video, I will share with you 4 important knowledges on trading industry

If you have never been in contact with trading, you must watch it.

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5 Steps to Do Before Becoming a PRO Trader

In the video, I will make you familiar with the operation of trading cryptocurrency

choosing a platform, opening an account, and so on. 

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5 Key Information on Trading Crypto Futures

When you are trading crypto futures, you will encounter the following 5 questions. 

The answers to these questions are already in the video.

Why should we learn to trade?

Trading in financial market is exactly same likes how you do business. We buy low and sell high. REMEMBER, a wise man knows how to make good use of leverage.

Student Comments

Video Testimonial

The following videos are all video responses given by EO students from our advanced trading courses. We can all feel the most truthful feedbacks from their sincerity in the video.

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Stock Trading Course

Holding the company stock for its prosperous future is one of the most suitable products for our long-term investment.

Buying stocks that is under-valued, researching company background, ecological needs speak of fundamentals, are requested the right skill.

Hence a good investor must have professional analysis technique for technical and fundamental research.

Forex Trading Course

The world’s largest trading volume market
Foreign Exchange Market (5 trillion in a day) How can you filter the fundamentals of the foreign exchange market, currency trading, and adopt the technical analysis to find the strongest and weakest currency exchanges and leverage with profit?

Let us lead you to understand the true and false of the market, read economic reports, and become a stable and qualified foreign exchange trader.